A birthday idea

Dear community,

I am a brand new contributor to the discussion board and desire that I actually have not landed in the wrong region for my purpose. If so, please forgive me. I need to percentage with you my little personal statement so that you can recognize what I intend. Urgently I will want your opinion as well as your HELP!

I would love to make a present for a lady which means loads to me in existence. She will flip 20 quickly and the present planning has been occurring on account that the start of January. Only I want some help for a satisfactory touch and still need (like girl) advice. To my idea:

I locate that she is given little presents that convey a personal bond. Gifts that are not in basic terms cloth – such. A shampoo set or make-up (you realize what I mean) – and stay to your reminiscence for a long time. I want to alternate that to her 20th birthday because that’s a number for me that closes the time as a “teenage woman” and opens new doors for the future. In the years 20-30 many character trends appear, as I actually have said and examine. You revel in completely new tests in life that you have to grasp. And based on those records, and also for the purpose that I need to give her delight, I would really like to prepare something in order to completely disillusioned her. My trouble is that I neither sing nor have a musical streak, but for that I actually have my capabilities inside the technical area. I am very informed in video enhancing and now paintings professionally on recordings. Accordingly, I even have concerned plenty of gadget within the past few years. Since I do loads of factors with this female and we’ve got also taken quite a few motion pictures together, I got the concept that I somehow attempt to do something with the abilities I actually have.

I would like to cut a video together for her birthday and have already finished plenty. It need to pass inside the course of a video montage, which summarizes many past memories with appropriate music underlay. But to make it no longer simply “song video,” I notion I’d carry in a completely non-public component (that I want your help with). She has moved out this year and has few old friends (who in reality adhere to her), but through the new area she additionally meets many new humans with whom she has sturdy ties in the mean time. I’ve made the attempt to connect to every body who has a terrific connection (I’m surely talking approximately a superb reference to accept as true with) to her. The following component got here to my mind: an interview with numerous private questions. So things, that human beings want to reply, which includes For instance, “what is so precise about x for you?”, “Which moments with x had been memorable for you?”, “Describe x in a single phrase!” – that’s the great taste of the video, as it brings the marginally greater private contact to the tale and will definitely be a first-rate memory, if you appearance lower back in 10 years and the video seems returned and sees humans coming collectively!

It could of route be higher if you can practically see all of it, but alas the video is not yet within the state and I would really like to post it additionally reluctantly. That’s why I tried to describe the entirety as special (or at least the segment) as viable.

My private difficulty:
1. How do you usually discover the idea?
2. Do you continue to have questions that I can ask human beings? They should move within the equal route as above, as I think they construct that certain bond and I individually might be very happy about it. But how does that affect you?

I desire you can assist me!!

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