Colorful, pleased, simple – that’s what decoration at a Mexican party have to appear like, due to the fact someway Mexico manner for most of all a holiday. For the sauces are small and massive bowls and bowls – these appearance very pretty inside the colourful blend. The small colourful decoration stands are authentic from Mexico. The meals become very simple:
there was chili con carne and tortillas for self-filling – you simply must cut and put together the ingredients for it.
The tortillas are from the farmer and have been filled with:

– inexperienced salad (cut into skinny strips)
– chili
– mango salsa and guacomole
– diced tomato and crimson pepper pieces ,
– corn kernels,
– grated cheese,
– purple kidney beans.

Chili con carne for six individuals

3 massive onions
three garlic cloves
3 small pink chili peppers (possibly)
three tablespoons oil
1500 grams ground beef (ideally natural)
tablespoons tomato paste three cans of pizza tomato (400 g pattern)
750 ml vegetable stock 3 teaspoon
ground cumin (cumin)
freshly ground pepper
3 Canned corn (285 g tired weight)
three canned kidney beans (250 g drained weight)

For the chili:
Remove the onion and finely dice. Peel garlic and squeeze via a garlic press. If vital, halve chili, put off white kernels and walls and finely chop the pulp (paintings with kitchen gloves).

Heat the oil in a huge, flat saucepan and fry the onion cubes in mild brown. Add the minced meat, chilli and garlic and fry until the meat is crumbly and brown. Crush the minced meat nicely with a spatula to make it crumbly.

Add the tomato paste, sauté in short, then add the pizza tomato and broth. Stir nicely, season with cumin, salt and pepper and prepare dinner over medium warmth for about 20 mins. Stir occasionally.

Meanwhile, placed corn and beans in a sieve, rinse and drain properly. Add each to the chili and prepare dinner together for another 5 mins.

Rinse coriander, shake dry and pluck the leaves. Add a dollop of bitter cream to each chili pie and serve sprinkled with cilantro and some pepper.

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