Idea teens drink and take capsules – after which do something notably silly

On birthdays you get to dumb thoughts. When these two 18- and 20-12 months-olds come in, it’s particularly tough to apprehend this stupidity. The police genuinely had a quite clean time.

A celebration of a unique kind wanted to celebrate a 18-year-vintage from Nordenham and a 20-12 months-old from Butjadingen (Wesermarsch district). After consuming alcohol and tablets, the two of them came up with the concept of ‚Äč‚Äčtraumatic the officers within the Nordenhamer police station on Saturday night.

There, the duo rolled honked on a fretted Kleinkraftroller and exceeded at a first rate pace. According to police from Sunday, the two buddies wanted to repeat that until they observed after which to run away.

No helmet, no motive force’s license
This became already the case with the second one round. After a hundred meters, they were placed with the aid of the officials. That the 20-yr-old had no longer put on a helmet turned into secondary inside the totality of the violations.

A test ended in a breath alcohol awareness of 1.12 elements consistent with thousand for the driver and 1.Seventy seven components in step with thousand for his passenger. The motive force became additionally beneath the impact of drugs and had no driving force’s license .

The scooter become secured. An insight into their dangerous behavior changed into now not obvious until the end of the measure, as it become subsequently known as within the project document of the Delmenhorst police .

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